Family Law – Divorce & Alimony

If you are experiencing the breakdown of a marriage, you are also probably experiencing some of the most stressful and emotionally draining periods in your life.  Each and every decision that is made can have a major impact on the outcome of your case.  Such decisions should only be made with the assistance of an attorney who knows the legal ramifications.

Let the experienced family law attorneys at Walker, Connor & Spang, LLC assist you through this difficult period.  We are committed to treating you with sensitivity, dignity and respect while making sure all of your rights are protected.  We are ready to work for you to see that your case is handled properly, efficiently and that you receive a fair and favorable resolution.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation today.

The attorneys at Walker, Connor & Spang, LLC, recognize that going through divorce is a complex process that can often be a difficult and emotional experience. The decision to divorce opens the door to numerous difficult issues that must be resolved.  Our experienced family law attorneys can help to guide you through this life-changing process. We are committed to protecting your rights while striving to preserve the stability of relationships with your children and family.

During such a stressful time, you will need experienced and effective legal representation to work in your behalf to achieve a fair and favorable resolution to tough issues, while always protecting your rights, interests and goals.  We can help you in any of the following areas:

  • Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Separation
  • Divorce (contested and uncontested)
  • Asset Division and Property Separation Agreements
  • Spousal Support, Alimony Pendente Lite and Alimony
  • Mediation & Collaborative Law


Spousal Support

Spousal Support is payment made to a spouse upon separation, prior to the filing of a divorce complaint.  Spousal support in Pennsylvania is usually not available if the two parties continue to live under the same roof. However, if one party can prove that the other is not contributing to the household expenses, spousal support may be collected. There is no defined length of time that spousal support must be paid but is paid until the divorce decree is filed.  Spousal support may be defeated by the Obligee’s marital misconduct.

Alimony Pendente Lite (APL)

After a couple files for divorce, the payment of support to a spouse is referred to as alimony pendente lite (APL), Latin for “alimony pending the litigation”. At that time, spousal support will usually be converted into alimony pendente lite (APL) automatically. The purpose for APL in Pennsylvania is to financially permit both spouses to move on with the divorce action.


When the divorce decree is signed and equitable distribution is finalized, the court may order alimony payments. Pennsylvania law states that alimony may be granted if a spouse cannot meet their “reasonable needs” after looking at their income and the assets they were awarded during equitable distribution. There are several factors that are considered when deciding if alimony should be awarded and how much.

Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation – Attorney Martha Walker is trained in mediation and offers these services to individuals who want to sit down and negotiate a settlement without involving the courts. Mediated settlements can often be achieved in less time and with less cost than litigation.

Collaborative Law – Divorce can be stressful but the process of finalizing a divorce does not have to be.  Attorney Walker’s extensive experience of resolving a wide variety of matrimonial disputes using collaborative law makes her a wise choice for clients who want the opportunity to resolve their matrimonial disputes peacefully and without litigation. Parties who utilize collaborative law sign an agreement not to go court and use their collaboratively trained attorneys to work toward a peaceful resolution.  Collaborate law can enable the parties to avoid court while still receiving the support and expertise of their family law attorneys.