Bankruptcy/Debt Relief

Overwhelmed with debt? Tired of harassing calls from creditors? Unfortunate circumstances such as divorce, illness, or loss of income may have put you in a position where you can’t pay your bills. A “fresh start” through filing bankruptcy may be an option for you. Contact us to discuss how bankruptcy may be the answer to your financial difficulties.

In general, a consumer will file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7, certain debts are discharged. In a Chapter 13, debts are paid in part or in full over a period of time through a Chapter 13 plan. Whether or not you qualify for a Chapter 7 versus a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is generally dependent upon your income. In addition, not all of your assets will be lost in a bankruptcy. Some assets can be protected by exemptions provided under the Bankruptcy Code. All of this can be further explained at a bankruptcy consultation at no cost to you.